June 2021

Ben jij de voedselveranderaar die de Vlaamse overheid zoekt?

Vlaams minister van Landbouw en Voeding Hilde Crevits werkt aan een toekomstgerichte voedselstrategie en heeft daarbij ook jouw hulp nodig. Heb je als burgerbeweging of organisatie een idee rond voedsel voor de toekomst? En wil je dat idee samen met andere voedselveranderaars realiseren? Dien dan uiterlijk op 30 juli je idee in.

Zo krijgt niet enkel jouw idee een serieuze versnelling, maar ook de Vlaamse voedselstrategie!

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May 2021

Eating healthy? That's good for yourself and the planet. BE4LIFE endorses the sustainable nutritional advice of the Flemish Institute 'Gezond Leven' and the food triangle. Together with the Flemish Government, the environmental impact of our food was substantiated even more strongly and translated into practical tips for the consumer. What does such a healthy and sustainable diet diet look like?

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April 2021

Under the impulse of BE4LIFE, Ghent University will co-sign the 'Green Deal Protein shift on our plate' of the Flemish Government on April 26. In doing so, Ghent University is committed to scientifically and societally supporting the transition to a better ratio between animal and vegetable proteins in the Flemish diet in the coming 4 years.

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March 2021

How can we nudge people in-store towards the consumption of vegetarian products? In collaboration with the Flemish Government and Colruyt Group, BE4LIFE conducted field research on the positioning of vegetarian products by placing them on the shelf next to food products well-known to many: their meat counterpart.

Is this nudging technique effective in the supermarket? 

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February 2021

On behalf of WWF Belgium, BE4LIFE conducted a systematic literature review on the effectiveness of behavior change techniques to reduce our meat intake. Curious to find out what works and what doesn't? 

Click here to read the Eat4Change report.

January 2021

BE4LIFE published an academic research agenda to enable a more environmentally sustainable food consumption pattern from a goal-directed perspective.

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April 2020

BE4LIFE mapped out the biggest stress factors after four weeks of lockdown and investigated the impact on the mood and eating and exercise behavior of Flemish people.

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June 2019

Departement Omgeving (Flemish Government) wins the first prize 'Corporate Responsibility' of the Publica Awards. In collaboration with the Flemish Government and Colruyt Group, BE4LIFE conducted a large-scale study into the long-term effects of "nudging & ecological consumption" in a retail context.

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